Did you know having plants in your home can help with mental and physical health? Yup! Pretty cool stuff…

Plant-filled spaces…..

>Reduce stress

>Improve air quality

>Limit noise

>Approve appearance (they’re pretty!!)

>Boost creativity

>Texture and Balance 

Plants don’t only look good, they FEEL good. And you deserve to feel good, right? Let’s chat further about the points above….

Grab a notebook and we’re gonna get right to it!

  1. Reduce Stress 

Plants carry positive energy, which helps to increase happiness and reduce stress. They also are part of incorporating nature into the interior of your home, and nature has a natural calming effect. Ever been on a walk when you were feeling sad or anxious? Game changer! Overall, plants can help you to feel more grounded and at peace. 

2. Improve Air Quality

Some plants can actually reduce indoor pollutants. How cool! All plants are not included so make sure you do some research beforehand. Overall, plants will help you to have a healthier environment. 

3. Limit Noise 

Noise-reduction is not a plant feature that most people know about! So if this one shocks you, you are not alone. Just like rugs and furniture, plants are great to help soak up a little bit of that extra sound. So if your space is feeling a little loud…try adding some plants around the perimeter of the space. 

4. Improve appearance

Pretty obvious but still noteworthy! Have you ever brought a new plant or bouquet of flowers and it just makes your home look so much better. There is nothing that makes me happier than adding some fresh flowers to a final project install. It really adds the finishing touch! 

5. Boosts Creativity 

When you feel happy and are thinking positively, you’ll be more creative. It’s just the way it works! And since plants can make you feel happy, it’s a natural occurrence of being in a plant-filled space

6. Texture and Balance

Plants can also add texture and are really just a great way to add a little something extra to a room. I don’t view a room complete unless it has at least one plant. They are an awesome finishing touch. And with the way that they help you mentally and physically, they are able to balance a space quite well. 

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