For so many of us, the COVID pandemic has allowed us to do more of our job duties at home. This new, work-from-home lifestyle has been liberating for some and jarring for others. However you feel about it, working from home is probably here to stay for a while, so let’s make the most of it!

We could all use a little help being more productive at our job, especially when you have endless house tasks that can easily distract you from actually working. Let’s take a look at how to create a productive and energizing space in your home for you to crush all of your work to-dos.

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Work from Home Productively with These 5 Interior Design Tips

  1. Have a dedicated workspace.

    If you don’t have an extra room to use as a dedicated office, it can be hard to choose where to actually sit down and work (let alone stash your stuff). Although it’s fun to take your laptop and move from couch to floor to table depending on your preference, it’d be ideal to have a singular, designated workspace where you can crank out most of your job and keep yourself organized. 

    We recommend finding a space in your home that’s quiet and has natural light. 

    If you are setting up shop in a larger room, consider adding room dividers to create more privacy and set both a physical and mental boundary (for yourself and others) of when work begins and ends. 
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  1. Curate a motivating space. 

    Just like you would decorate your office or cubical at work, take time to create a motivating workspace at home. Inspiring quotes, a cute calendar, or visually appealing organizing board is a great way to stay organized and motivated. You could even create a goal-oriented vision board to keep yourself on track and moving forward in your career and life. 

    Aside from your essentials, keep your workspace otherwise clean and clutter-free. If you are dropping books or notes on your desk when you’re not working, put them in a bin and be sure to organize them when you are “back in the office.” A clean workspace lets your creative juices flow more freely!
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  1. Invest in quality furniture.

    Chances are we’ll all be working from home for a while, if not indefinitely if this is your office of choice! So make sure you invest in quality furniture to support your physical health while working. 

    For example, take a moment to check your alignment while sitting. Is your office chair giving you back problems? Not providing enough lumbar support? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a quality chair and minimize the aches and pains. 

    And while you’re working from home, take advantage of an innovative desk set-up like a standing desk or walking desk. They are seriously life-changing for your physical health, especially if you’re spending 8+ hours a day in front of a screen. 
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  1. Get storage for all the things.

    As with any office set-up, make sure you have enough space for the tools you need to do your job. Consider ample horizontal space for your notebook, phone, laptop, and beverage, and vertical space for office supplies, filing cabinets, or other storage needs. 

    Having a dedicated workspace with storage nearby will make it easier to get work done and keep yourself organized. If you do decide to move about the house during the workday, make sure to return all your work items back to your work hub so that you aren’t having to track things down when you need them next. 
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  1. Add fresh greenery.

    Adding either potted plants or cut florals in your office space is great for both your productivity and your mood. Two houseplants plants I love are succulents and snake plants. Succulents come in a variety of shapes and textures and are the perfect desk mate because they are hardy, compact, and visually interesting. Aside from their fun, spikey leaves, snake plants have added health benefits because they absorb toxins in the air and release oxygen. (Just be sure to keep your snake plant off the ground out of reach from pets and kids as they are harmful if consumed.) 

    Whether you choose a year-round potted plant or an occasional bouquet of flowers, greenery is a great way to connect with nature and boost your mental health. 
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With just a little planning and thoughtful design changes, you can start being more productive while working from home.

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