From design consulting to full home renovations, Hope Pace's practical design knowledge and expert resources are second to none. Her ability to effortlessly help clients translate their design dreams into practical reality is nothing short of magic. Hope's gift for design, coupled with her background, means that she is uniquely suited to her current endeavor as Owner and Principal Interior Style Designer of So Chic Home Design and Styling.

Both a Certified Interior Redesigner and Real Estate Staging Professional (CSP), Hope also holds a B.S. in Informatics Psychology & Sociology from Purdue University, an MBA in Finance & Marketing from Indiana Wesleyan University, and has over two decades of executive-level client management experience.


My design philosophy can be summed up in one word: Authenticity!

Organic and graceful, authentic design reflects your life while it tells your unique story. It exudes charisma. An authentically designed space will leave you feeling happier, centered and more relaxed. It may seem like magic, but Hope's innate ability to emotionally connect and curate the dots of her clients' lifestyle and personality to their interiors is the key to her authentic designs, every time.


My rule of thumb for interior design is this: There are no rules!

By pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules, we can create a unique space that reflects your design sensibilities and suits your lifestyle. I believe in deeply connecting with your interior on an emotional level. It's about how you interact with it on a daily basis; it's about how it makes you feel. It's about using the space to express your own personal story. Sometimes it just takes a "designer's eye" to help you to realize the possibilities, and ultimately translate your vision into an exceptional, livable space.

All of my life, I've been drawn to the world of art and decoration. My first muse
--and a continual source of inspiration since--was my mom. She was the ultimate DIYer, perpetually pulling off epic redesign projects throughout my childhood!

These days, my passion for design is fueled through constant exploration of color and form. It has evolved into a unique brand that focuses on the intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic and instinctual design elements. Through design, I'm able to showcase my creative freedom in the customized visions that I get to share with my clients.


To me, good design is about surrounding myself with things that hold personal meaning. Good design reminds me of who I am at the core: approachable, relatable, adaptable, and welcoming. Good design is all about by layering elements collected through the years, both new and old. Certain colors, textures, places, and experiences leave indelible marks in our lives so much so that we subconsciously desire to surround ourselves with them. It is with this mental framework that I approach and curate each design project. My trade is interior design. My gift lies in seamlessly infusing color and pattern and blending various styles to create the chic sanctuary that everyone deserves.

I thrive on breaking "traditional" design rules. I love the art of mixing high and low, with old and new. My own personal design style can be best described as Modern Eclectic, which beautifully blends styles of modern Bohemian with Mid-century Modern, and a splash of Hollywood Regency. Creativity and individuality are the hallmarks to my eclectic style and is infused with elements of both clean and curvy lines, vibrant bold colors, warm woods, storied antiques, modern patterns, and lots of opposing textures mingled with unique, artisanal accents. The result: balanced, cool, unexpected, and yet smartly sophisticated.




"...Chic is a beautiful word and one of the most difficult to try to explain."

~ C. Roitfeld



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