Your Interior Décor Stylist.

Hello! I'm Hope Pace, Owner and Principal Interior Designer of So Chic Home Design & Staging, and I would be honored to serve all of your interior design needs. Design is my passion, and I’m excited to share my personal style with you, to help you find yours and, ultimately, create a space that you will call your sanctuary.

I believe authentic design is personal and organic and yet seemingly effortless. It exudes charisma in its presentation. Ideally, an authentically designed space should leave an individual in a happier, more relaxed state of being. In a word….it’s chic!


My rule of thumb for interior decorating is this: There are no rules! Often, when trying to find our personal design style, we can overcomplicate matters. Most people don’t realize that they already own much of what’s needed to personalize their space. Sometimes it just takes a "designer's eye" to align, organize, or translate an idea into a more interesting space. Any design "rule" can be broken, adjusted, or redefined. The key to successfully breaking the rules is keeping things cohesive and using the space to tell your personal story.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved the art of decorating. This passion was instilled in great thanks to my mother, Natalie, who nurtured my passion for design very early in my life through her sophisticated sense of fashion and style. Her redesign savvy and knack for transforming used furnishings into fabulous chic pieces with a new purpose was simply magical to me.

My passion for design is also driven by my love of vintage art, architectural history, a broad appreciation for music, and of course, my own relentless habit of mixing colors, prints, and unique textiles. Decorating gives me fluidity to use my artistic insights and translate all of these seemingly unrelated elements into a cohesive finished product.

I take a heartfelt pride in all of my work, particularly after a client beams with excitement at the outcome of a design project. I find myself constantly reinventing the rooms of my own home, because I enjoy the journey design takes me on just as much as the destination.


I’m inspired by so many things! From music to fabrics to the four seasons of nature, I find an eclectic mix of elements that act as my creative muse.

My own personal style aesthetic can best be described as Transitional Eclectic. So my sanctuary tends to break conventional design rules, introducing neutral and formal to funky and modern patterns while adding a dash of vintage Hollywood glam.

And while I love to mix it up, one of my primary passions is actually affordability: designing on a budget by reinventing old furniture and finding inexpensive accessories which are some of my favorite ways to create an immediate design impact for a lesser dollar investment.


I was born and raised in the Midwest: Indianapolis, IN. (Go Hoosiers!)

I'm an art enthusiast with a passion for travel, and I discover new inspirations for design work through both.

I have an MBA in Finance & Marketing (Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion 2003), and a B.S. in Psychology/Sociology (Purdue University, Indianapolis, 1999)

My lifelong passion for design has given me considerable knowledge of color combinations, fine textiles and patterns, furniture, antiques, art, and accessories.

I'm skilled at offering expert knowledge of home appliance upgrades and improvements that add immediate value to a property.

My professional certifications include: Certified Staging Professional (CSP®) and Certified Interior Decorator (Penn Foster College).

I love shopping, redesigning and decorating. (Of course!)


"…Chic is a beautiful word and one of the most difficult to try to explain,
I think you’re born chic."

~ C. Roitfeld