Great interior design is both an art and a science. With a bit of research at the beginning, we are able to ensure a masterpiece at the end. As such, most of our services begin with a one-on-one, in-person consultation. Well listen carefully to your input while helping you prioritize your decorating and design ideas. 

During your consultation we will:

  Tour the specific area(s) you wish to address and take photos, if necessary, for later reference. 

  Help you explore and define your style preferences. This is why we'll arrive armed with magazines, photos, and other inspirational pieces. Clients always thank us for this later!


  Learn how you want to use the space so we can maximize the area's style while keeping it functional for your busy lifestyle.

    Review your budget and the relationship between cost and getting the perfect choice. Our goal is to create a practical, achievable design plan for your space. Simply put, this means the design must realistically fit your budget. (That great dining room chandelier can cost you $300 or $3000!) By setting a realistic budget from the get-go, we can plan and prioritize. So while there might not be funds to accomplish everything you had hoped, we can optimize the use of your budgeted funds and work to get the chic, designer look for less!


"Its never too early to make something look polished."

~ K. Rossbund


To complete our Client Introduction: