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We are a full-service boutique firm specializing in cosmetic redesign, interior decorating, and styling. We work with clients who seek a discerning appreciation for beauty and individuality, respect for thoughtfulness, creativity and a love for quality. Our resulting design schemes exude a balance between subtle sophistication, refined functionality, and everyday practicality.

Whether your project is a refresh, a full renovation, or a completely new build, doing it alone can often be quite daunting. We want to be your partner to help ensure an investment that personifies your unique lifestyle needs.

Decorating and Styling Services to Fit Your Needs

So Chic Home Design understands the heart and head mentality behind decorating for both residential and small commercial projects.

Choosing the right color palette, furniture layout, art, accessories, books, blankets, etc. can make a space feel complete. If the process of interior design is like a play, then our decorating and styling service is the final act. If you consider it that way, you can see how an interior would feel incomplete, and maybe even a little unimaginative, without those finishing layers.

Looking for a professional stylist in Indy who can deliver the final finishes for your project? Let's talk about it!  


Let us help you tell yours.

Discover how Hope and her team can design a stunning interior space
that reflects who you are, and how you live.


It is our goal to elevate your interior into
a chic environment that you'll call sanctuary.